be present. listen. anchor.

Whether helping someone to navigate a major life transition, manage anxiety, or develop tools for intimate relationships, I weave multiple approaches into my work to help every client shift and evolve. Therapy becomes the vehicle for feeling deeply heard, valued, and understood.

one-stop shop.

“Sharon is my one-stop shop for therapy and mind-body work in her soothing space. Her depth of knowledge in child development has been particularly valuable as we have raised our own family.”


the best gift.

“Working with Sharon takes effort, but it has been the greatest gift I have ever given myself. I will forever be grateful for her.”


a lifesaver.

“I am not exaggerating when I say that Sharon is saving our family…she is a phenomenal therapist – brilliant, insightful, creative, devoted and incredibly knowledgeable.”


Individual therapy is based on learning to be open and honest. Often, in this dependable, non-judging, supportive relationship, many of our earlier wounds can be healed, and we can move forward in our lives. It can be helpful to review the past and our conditioning in order to better forgive ourselves and others. One time consults are also available.
I work with all kids of all ages, including teenagers. Therapy with children is often playful and creative, as kids will ultimately “play out” their fears, their social skills, their strengths, and their shortcomings. A key part of the therapy process is to engage the parents, often to help them develop strategies to support and better understand their child.
Couples’ therapy requires a solid focus on communication. So much of what goes on within a relationship resides beneath the radar and remains unspoken. Much of the success of treatment involves the individuals “unpacking” their hurts and learning coping styles to talk without reacting in the moment. Each individual generally learns how to listen without defending and how to communicate without hurting.

Group therapy is a powerful tool in discovering your patterns in action, gaining empathy, and support while receiving immediate feedback facilitated by a therapist. I run therapy groups for women in transition and teen groups. I go into schools for social skills and conflict resolution sessions, and I facilitate corporate and non-profit retreats.

alchemy living course

Learn how to design the life you want in this powerful, in-person course. We’ll use yoga, meditation, somatic work and and group support to change and redesign our stories about ourselves.