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February 9 February 16

*NEW* 2-week Parent In-person Workshop

Friday, Feb. 9 + Feb. 16  9:30am-11am

Come learn about triggers and strategies to help your anxious kid manage.
Learn to work with distress tolerance in a new way and have a deeper understanding about the process of anxiety in the body/brain.


Meet in Sharon’s office: 38 Hibriten Drive, AVL 28801
COST: $50 per group


May 18th

SPRING INTO WHOLENESS: A retreat to pause, reflect and grow!

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST | $120.00

Take this time in the spring to relax, regroup and renew your energy. Life is busy. Let this half-day retreat be an oasis for you to feel nourished, hopeful, and at ease. This will be a balance of yoga practices, mindfulness and deep rest.

I'm feeling tender after several friends were diagnosed recently with some of the "very bad things". This substack is my self-reflection of recognition of the preciousness of life and not letting excuses get in the way of consciously living. Let me know what you think pretty please!
Today, I was remembering how grateful I was to be on retreat with so many beautiful souls last November in Asheville. To be in community practicing meditation, yoga, deep rest and connecting is a true gift. I can't really put into words, the magic that occurs when we're around like-minded people. The ripple effect is very real of feeling good, Whole and renewed. We come together to remember who we are, to learn to let go and forgive, to build a sense of connectivity, and to deepen our relationship to self. For me, I am always looking for more spaciousness in my body/mind too. My next two retreats will be just as meaningful. I hope you can join us! (4 cabins left for July 25-28th, more for Nov 7-10th). Links in bio. I offer scholarships for all my retreats so please let me know if you want to apply. REPLY "YES!" and I'll send you more details about retreat and the location which is divine.
I love writing so much. I've had a journal since 7th grade that I write in not infrequently. I also take notes and journal after every yoga and meditation practice and during every retreat I attend. Writing for me has become a way of honoring, reminding, learning, and fulfilling. I look back on my journals with curiosity and feel into the growth and changes that occur in life. I'm finally taking some of my musings to Substack to both discover, and offer what I've learned in my therapy practice on and off the "couch" and meditation "cushion". Join me over there, it's so much fun! (sharonhyman.substack.com)

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